is a unique international educational and entertaining project for medical students from all over the world.

TERISS was founded by the International Relations Department of Ternopil State Medical University in 2006. Since then near 1500 students from USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovak Republic, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia and Ukraine participated in this project.

The main idea of TERISS is to create an informational platform for students to share medical scientific and practical experience, to get acquainted with the different healthcare system models and, moreover, to introduce their cultural identity.

Among main peculiarities of the project is a “Visiting Professor” programme. Best international specialists every year give workshops on different topics from diverse fields of medicine.

Besides, we organize a training, called “Medicine of emergency states”. It is always a great challenge for mind and body and the most interesting point is to build effective teamwork between international participants at a case of emergency.

Although TERISS was founded as an educational project, its programme is full of bright and spectacular events, excursions and sport competitions, so nobody has a chance to be bored.

Each international delegation presents its own University, city and country. It is always a stunning event with unforgettable memories and emotions, which builds a huge integration bridge between cultures. Our guests show interesting historical videos, present photos of picturesque landscapes, perform national songs and dances, even prepare traditional dishes.

And students of TNMU have a great honour to provide excursions around the University, city and region. This is a great possibility for our guests to see the beauty of Ukraine by their own eyes.

One more speciality of the project, which is one of the most interesting and beloved by all students, is rafting down the Dniester river. The whole day you can enjoy charms of a marvellous canyon and compete with the fast current of the river, and in the end, a tasty Ukrainian dinner will wait for you, exhausted and still happy and amazed.

We know how to create unforgettable memories to stay in your heart forever.