It is located in Ternopil Region, Ukraine.

Within Ukraine is the geographical centre of Europe!

Ukraine is the largest European county at 603,628 square kilometres, stretching from Russia in the east to Poland in the west, and sandwiched between the Black Sea in the south and Belarus in the north. France is next at 551,695 square kilometres.

Within its large borders, Ukraine has seven World Heritage Sites, including the 11th century Saint-Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, the ancient city of Chersonesus, and the primeval beech forests of the Carpathians. Another is the Struve Geodetic Arc, a chain of survey triangulations linking Hammerfest in Norway to the Black Sea in Ukraine. It “helped to establish the exact size and shape of the planet and marked an important step in the development of earth sciences and topographic mapping,” according to Unesco. Beyond its World Heritage Sites it has a wealth of majestic Orthodox cathedrals.

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Beauty of Ukrainian landscapes is fascinating.

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The sources of history of Ternopil Region dates back to the distant times of Kyivan Rus and Galych-Volyn principality. For many centuries the people have been creating the eternal values for the motherland fruitfully preserved traditions, customers and national culture.

There are a lot of rivers and ponds in the region. In the ancient times a greater part of the regional present territory was covered with deciduous and coniferous forests.

Scots are proud of a viaduct in the village of Glenfinnan. But we have almost the same near the village Plebanivka of Terebovlya district. Moreover, ours was built two years earlier, in 1896.

Also Ternopil region is rich in ancient castles and fortresses, numbered 30.

Moreover, there are 131 beautiful churches and temples.

Also, we are proud of numerous non man-made touristic attractions, like Optymistychna ˗ a gypsum cave, located near the village of Korolivka. Approximately 230 km (140 mi) of passageways have been mapped within. As a result, it is the longest cave in Eurasia and the fifth-longest cave in the world. And it is really stunning!

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