Team work

The main part of the summer school’s program is practically oriented training

‘Medicine of emergent states: teamwork’ and competition in emergency.

Very important is the improvement of students’ practical skills in first aid.

For this purpose, with the help of volunteers, the most common emergent situations, such as:

drowning, sunstroke, food poisoning, falls from height, accidents are simulated.

Tasks change annually. Participating students form a team, which pass through all stages

of competition, demonstrating their ability to act in extreme situations.

At the same time, participants show ability to work in a team and make collective decisions

and show leadership qualities

The main criterion for evaluating are:

              1. maintenance of first aid algorithm in each situation;
              2. coordination of actions;
              3. time.

Main referees are Dr. Yuriy Soroka and Dr. Yuriy Ordynskyy.

They are prize-winners of II and III International competition in medical rescue

(Poland 2007, 2008).

After the competition, the seminar is held where referees explain to the participants

their mistakes and show the correct algorithm of first aid in simulated situations.

Three best teams are determined after the seminar.

The team that has the best points is proclaimed as the winner of competition and gets prizes.